BMW has announced new integration between its M Laptimer app and a GoPro camera.

BMW has announced new integration between its M Laptimer app and a GoPro camera.

Now, when BMW drivers start and stop the BMW M Laptimer, it will simultaneously start or stop recording on a connected GoPro camera. The connection only works with an iOS device, which will also save a low-res version of the GoPro video.

“This allows us to provide BMW drivers the ability to safely capture and share their track experience,” said Christian Schmid, senior development engineer at the BMW Group Technology Office USA.

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The system is fully controllable using the BMW’s iDrive infotainment setup, where a GoPro tab will appear when using the M Laptimer. It will allow you to name the connected GoPro, view a live image from the camera when parked, check WiFi signal strength and battery life and access the camera’s power button to remotely turn it off.

The Laptimer app itself, which is meant for track use only, is capable of showing and recording throttle input, speed, brake input, steering angle, engine RPM, fuel level, and g-forces. Once the track is mapped, the M Laptimer will calculate laptimes and even present a digital scorecard to the driver.

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